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Hello there, I'm Ivan

I am

I have been working in web developing for 11 years. Now I'm searching next positions for my work: Project Manager or Back-end Developer.

About me


About Me

Ivan Kazlou

Date of birth : February 28, 1985

Marital status : married, have child

Location : Minsk, Belarus

Website : doctype.by

Contact phone : +375 25 609 80 00

E-Mail : ivan@doctype.by

Skype : ivanprostream


My Resume

My skills and work experience


  • Institute of Modern Knowledge
    2002 - 2007

    I graduated with honors from the Istitute by Economic manager specialty and Economic informatics specialization

  • Training course "Sell manager"

    I've studied and completed the course "Sell manager"

  • Training course "Sales and Account Manager"

    I've studied and completed the course "Sales and Account Manager"


  • Sales and Account Manager

    I worked at Autostolitsa car dealership as a sell manager. My responsibilities: work with clients, signing contracts, preparation of credit and customs documents, negotiation.

  • Web-developer
    2009 - 2021

    Web developer at web company Potok Proyektov. My responsibilities:
    - Customer search
    - Negotiations with clients
    - Project management
    - Front-end developing
    - Back-end developing
    - Support and SEO

Bootstrap CSS

Soft skills

  • Commintent and enthusiasm in the work I do
  • Curiosity, ability to learn easily and quickly and desire to develop
  • I have big experience of individual work
  • Critical thinking
  • Sense of humor
  • Creativity, resourcefulness and the ability to collaborate with others
  • Languages: Беларуская мова, Русский язык, English:
    - Pre-Intermediate
    - Intermediate
    - Upper-Intermediate


  • Web design
  • History of the 20th century
  • Automobile industry
  • Travels
  • Fitness
  • Electronic music


Some Works

Some of my works, I've done

2021 Full Stack

Junk Pick Up and Removal Service

  • City catalog
  • Service catalog
  • Order form
  • Order Managment
  • Email notifications
2020 Full Stack

CRM system for production and management teams.

  • Authorization
  • Creation departments, users with different roles
  • Creation tasks, documents, workchats and messages with email notifcations
  • Tasks calendar for employee
  • Message box
2019-2020 Full Stack

Portal of state dental clinics for Minsk city.

  • Registration and authorization
  • Order management system for registered clinic
  • Order a coupon to dentist with email notifcations
  • Sending questions and getting answers
  • Information for clients and employees
2019 Full Stack

Web application for creation complex orders.This order calculator create and send orders to managers.

  • Custom calculators for different type of products
  • Checkout with email notifcations
  • Calculator generator for creating different types
2018-2019 Full Stack

Web site for partner registration (network marketing)

  • Product catalog with cart
  • Registration partners with contacts
  • New registered customer is assigned to random partner and get only his contacts
  • Order management system for registered partners
  • Checkout with email and SMS notifcations
2018-2019 Full Stack

Big product catalog for compare offers and conditions of suppliers

  • Customer and provider registration with email
  • Upload price (csv) to base and sort by categories (key words)
  • All products group by unifed classifer of categories
  • Checkout orders with email and SMS notifcations
2017-2019 Full Stack

Discount agency for cheap travel tours

  • Integration with sletat.ru API
  • Booking tours
  • Parser for saving tours and descriptions, because Hotel base is expensive for customer
  • Send order with email and SMS notifcations
2016-2018 Full Stack

CRM system for beauty saloon

  • Registration clients and employees
  • Order management system
  • Visits calendar
  • Material store management
  • Material сalculation for visit
2014-2016 Full Stack

Online shop for sales of hardware and cables

  • Customer registration
  • Product catalog with cart
  • Checkout with email notifcations
  • 1С store base integration
  • Online payments integration

2009-2020 Various projects: izis.by (2009), belniig.by (2010), pirogova.by (2014), abzac.by (2011), avenir.by (2020), dioma.by, (2017) greenwayeco.by (2018), jokers.by (2016), redword.by (2018), setgou.by (2015), tarzania.by (2016), brok.by (2014), 5stom.by (2018), tovaroved.by (2018), vorota-dveri.by (2019), liontour.by (2019), fashback.by (2017), stiralka-remont.by (2020), bbbar.by (2016), turkce.by (2019), geniy.by (2017), vsepapki.by (2018), exclusive-tattoo.by (2018), ik1.by (2011), granmet.by (2016) ta2.by (2020) ивент.бел (2020)

Contact me

Contact me

If you want to know more about me, my experience or you want to hire me, please call me or send me message.

Phone : +375 25 609-80-00

Skype : ivanprostream

E-mail : ivan@doctype.by

Web : doctype.by

Do you have any questions or offers?